"I like the atmosphere of his salon, with interesting conversations, coffee and wine, and the goodbye kiss for his long-year lady clients."
Karin Auer

"Christos is never afraid to express his opinion about what will be the best choice for me. I trust his expertise and have always been satisfied with the result."
Annelise Goldstein

"I come back for a consistently great hair cut... And it’s nice to still hear from friends, after 28 years, Your hair always looks great!
Karen Jones

"I have been coming to Christos for over 32 years, beginning when I was living in NH.”
Dr. Cynthia Bioteau

"I have been coming to Christos since he opened which is almost 40 years now. ”
Gail McDonald

"My mother-in-law, Merrilee, had come to Christos for many years and raved about him. ”
Sarah Thissell